Katana Ra RPG Blends Cyberpunk and Ancient Japanese Culture

Katana Ra RPG Cover

WRKS Games, UK based developer and publishers of video and tabletop game experiences, have announced a new game world that will come to video game and book form later this year. The digital experience of Katana-Ra: Shinobi Rising will release on Steam in April of 2023 and Katana-Ra tabletop RPG should release around the same time.

Katana Ra Video Game

Katana-Ra RPG

Katana-Ra is a new tabletop role playing game that blends elements of cyberpunk with ancient Japanese culture. Drawing inspiration from feudal Japan, the game takes place in Kanata-Ra, a world ruled by warring clans and factions who are divided by their traditional beliefs and futuristic technology. As a player in Katana-Ra, you’ll have the explore a richly detailed world where anything is possible. You’ll have the ability to customize your samurai with powerful augmentations, forge alliances with one of many factions vying for control, and even master magic to unleash devastating attacks on your enemies.

In Katana-Ra you can be whoever you want to be. Will you follow the traditional samurai path or choose to enhance your body and mind with advanced technology? Be careful how far you venture down any path, as even cutting-edge tech can awaken ancient demons. Designed for 2-5 players, with a Shujin (game master) leading the way, the Katana-Ra RPG combines a campaign setting and ruleset in a single book. The Core Rulebook includes all the details necessary for creating characters and starting a campaign.

Katana-Ra RPG is set to release sometime in April 2023. Read more at wkrs-games

Katana Ra RPG

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