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woodcraft roll & write board game

Delicious Games, publishers of the popular Woodcraft board game, are giving away a free print and play version of Woodcraft Roll & Write on their website. Woodcraft is a game of collecting lumber to craft goods. The roll and write version of the game distills the experience into a faster and more streamlined game. Game companies don’t often give away print and play versions of commercial products so this is a welcome surprise.

Woodcraft Roll & Write

In Woodcraft: Roll and Write, players become the proud owners of their very own woodworking shop. At the beginning of each round, three Yellow and three Brown dice are rolled. The dice represent available wood with the Brown dice boast superior quality and the Yellow dice offer a more modest variety. Players must choose a die to gain resources before proceeding to complete as many free actions as they desire, in any preferred order. These free actions include using resources to manipulate the die values, hiring helpers to gain additional abilities, and fulfilling orders.

Each player is granted two turns per round, with the game concluding after the sixth round. Players receive victory points for any accomplished feats, including points for helpers, reputation earned from fulfilling orders, marked off crates, and lanterns gained. The player with the highest points tally at the end of the game emerges as the victor. Woodcraft: Roll and Write caters to 1-5 players, ages 12 and up, and boasts an estimated playtime of 30-40 minutes.

Visit Delicious Games to learn more about both versions of Woodcraft and download a free print and play version of the roll and write game.

woodcraft roll & write board game

About Woodcraft

Woodcraft invites players to immerse themselves in the bucolic world of forest people who must run competing workshops in the heart of the woods. Players gather quality lumber and craft goods for their demanding clientele, while managing their resources with deft strategy. They must hire helpful assistants, upgrade their workshop, and procure a diverse array of tools and supplies to achieve success.

In this timbered adventure, players face a wealth of challenges that demand their full attention and cunning skills. At the core of Woodcraft is a dynamic gameplay mechanic centered around the manipulation of wooden dice. Players must cut, glue, and adjust the wooden dice with precision, each representing a different type of lumber, allowing them to optimize their use of resources and maximize their output.

The game’s ultimate goal is to build the best, most successful workshop, a task that requires a combination of careful planning, quick thinking, and a bit of good luck. With engaging gameplay and a charming setting, Woodcraft promises to delight gamers of all ages and skill levels.

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