Mausritter Boxed Set Now Available – New Artwork + Rules Update

Mausritter RPG Art

It’s a huge and dangerous world out there, and it does not look kindly on a small mouse. But if you are very brave and very clever and just a bit lucky, you might survive. And if you survive long enough, you might even become a hero amongst mice.”

We bring great new for TTRPG fans who have wanted a copy of Mausritter. You can now get a copy of the box set re-release that was launched by Losing Games and Games Omnivorous. Mausritter is an innovative RPG featuring tiny creatures navigating a dangerous world which shows up often as in “best starter RPG” lists but has been out of print for some time.

Mausritter Boxed Set

Mausritter Boxed Set

This second printing of the critically acclaimed Mausritter RPG box set is sure to delight both longtime fans and newcomers alike. This new edition includes an updated rulebook with new art and some rules revisions. The game’s unique premise, which sees players taking on the roles of mice, rats, and other small animals, is just as captivating as ever. And the new adventure box set, titled Mausritter: the Estate Adventure Collection, offers even more opportunities for players to explore the game’s immersive world. You can buy a print copy of Mausritter Boxed Set now at Games Omnivorous.

mausritter a snake in the sewer

Mausritter: The Estate Adventure Collection

Mausritter: The Estate Adventure Collection is a boxed set of eleven modules in postcard format in a lovely boxed edition for keeping. The box also includes eleven sheets with punch out items and condition cards, campaign booklet, map of the Estate & Brickport, and a dry erase marker. The Estate Adventure Collection contains the following adventure books:

  • Escape indoctrination in The Chapel of Eternal Peace by Diogo Nogueira
  • Don’t get burned by The Ember Tree by L.F. OSR
  • Cure the Queen’s handmaiden in Fruit of the Orchard by Madeleine Ember
  • Try not to get eaten by the Giant Snake is in the Sewer by @gnarledmonster
  • Find the sludge-coated crown in Mush Rush by Bodie H
  • Battle mutant rats in Science & Sorrow by Nate Treme
  • Race to win the prize of the Song of the Frogacle by Ema Acosta
  • Bend time within The Ticking Tower by Josiah S. Moore
  • Rescue the captive from the Tower of Soot by Lazy Litch
  • Master the magic of The Wizard of Arms and Armour by Amanda Lee Franck
  • Unearth the curse of Workers Work, Rulers Rule by @skullfungus

Mausritter collection

What is Mausritter?

The brainchild of designer Isaac Williams, Mausritter is an RPG that takes place in a world of tiny creatures, where players take on the roles of mice, rats, and other small animals. The game was inspired by Williams’ love of classic children’s literature, particularly the works of Beatrix Potter and Richard Adams. Williams developed the game mechanics over the course of several years, drawing inspiration from a wide range of sources including Dungeons & Dragons and the indie RPG scene.

You can download Mausritter now at Losing Games’ itch site for a “name your own” price. And you can buy the Mausritter box set from Exalted Funeral.

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