River Wild and Ancient Realm Solitaire Games from Button Shy


Ancient Realm and River Wild Wallet Games

Button Shy Games has two new titles on the way for their Wallet Games lineup by Steven Aramini, co-designer of Sprawlopolis. Ancient Realm and River Wild are solitaire (solo-only) games that come in a nifty duo-fold wallet and can be played on the go.

Ancient Realms Button Shy Wallet Game

Ancient Realm

From Button Shy:

Starting from humble beginnings, you must lead your civilization to greatness. Harvest, hire, build, and plan your way into the history books! At its heart, it’s a civilization-building-themed puzzle game, where you’re trying to maximize your points by deciding what blocks to keep and what blocks to build over, carefully managing your resources, and balancing end game scoring goal needs with immediate tactical needs.

In Ancient Realm, you’ll manage your resources to create a mighty civilization replete with wonders of the world. Gold and Resources are tracked using four Storage cards, rotated to show the current number. Gold can be used to buy any of the three Resources (stone, wood, and grain) at a 2:1 rate, though doing so too often will leave you unable to make the most of your activated blocks.

If you are interested in trying Ancient Realms, you can download and print a free prototype version of the game at this link.


River Wild by Button Shy Games

River Wild

From Button Shy:

Every year in the realm of Wild, the first snow of the season brings new life to the land and the creatures who inhabit it. High atop the tallest peaks, the sun beats down on this fallen snow, creating a magical rushing river that floods the valleys below. River Wild is a game of creating the most harmonious landscape. Each turn, you must play a card to extend your river, trying to create protected valleys for the local wildlife. Match wildlife with scoring goals in the valleys to get the most points possible!

In River Wild, you’ll build a path for your river to flow while simultaneously creating cloistered valleys populated by unusual creatures. Each turn, choose one of the three available cards to add to your landscape. Place your chosen card below a previously-placed one, connecting rivers to rivers and valleys to valleys. Rivers and valleys on newly-placed cards may connect to mountains instead, allowing for some flexibility in placement.

If you are interested in trying River wild you can download and print a free prototype version from this link.

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