Requiem Coffee, Tea, and Fantasy x Homestuck Collab – Event and Merchandise

Requiem Cafe

Requiem Coffee, Tea, and Fantasy is one of our favorite cafes / FLGS in Orange County due to their thematic space and welcoming philosophy. Requiem offers coffee, tea, and fantasy in a beautiful setting that combines gaming themes with fantasy elements. Located on the corner of Ball Road and State College Boulevard, this cozy cafe offers a unique experience of fantasy settings and inclusive space for all humans. Starting April 13, Requiem Cafe hosts a “2013” party to celebrate Homestuck, a popular webcomic created by Andrew Hussie that started in 2009 and ended in 2016.

Homestruck x Requiem Cafe 2013

Homestuck x Requiem Cafe 2013

On April 13, 2023, Requiem joins forces with VIZ Media to present a Homestuck experience at the cafe. The event brings “themed drinks, treats, cosplay photo ops, and new licensed merch with official never-before-seen art” to Requiem from 4/13 until 4/30 of 2023. For more information visit Requiem’s website where you can also download the official collaboration track,”Requiem for a Homestruck,” composed by James Roach. You can find Homestuck x Requiem merchandise including hoodies, shirts, and stickers on the Requiem wesbsite now.


What is Homestuck?

Homestuck is a webcomic created by Andrew Hussie that started in 2009 and ended in 2016. The story follows a group of teenagers who unwittingly become players in a game that will determine the fate of the universe. The comic combines elements of video games, pop culture, and internet culture with a complex and nonlinear narrative structure.

The comic is known for its distinct visual style, which incorporates both hand-drawn and digital art, as well as its use of animated GIFs and Flash animations. It is also known for its large cast of characters, which includes both humans and various alien species, as well as its extensive use of world-building and mythology.

Homestuck became a cultural phenomenon in the early 2010s, with a dedicated fanbase that produced fan art, music, cosplay, and other creative works. The comic has been praised for its humor, its complex characters, and its inventive use of digital media.

While the comic itself has ended, the Homestuck fandom continues to thrive, with ongoing discussions, analyses, and creative works inspired by the comic’s universe.

requiem x homestuck

Requiem x Homestuck 4/13 Party click here for more information

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