Sprawlopolis: City Planner Wallet Game by Button Shy

Sprawlopolis is a is a city-building wallet game where players take on the role of city planners. Players must balance green spaces, housing, offices, and industry while ensuring the infrastructure is functional. The game consists of 18 double-sided cards used to create a city map.


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How to Play

To play the game, players take turns adding a card to the city, aiming for maximum points. Turns are quick as players only having to make one decision per turn – which card to play. After playing a card, players pass the remaining two to the next player and draw a new card. Despite the simplicity of each turn, the game becomes increasingly challenging as the city grows. Players must constantly weigh the endgame score potential of different card locations and orientations, and make strategic decisions based on that information.

Effective collaboration and strategy are crucial as players must communicate and coordinate without revealing their own cards, while trying to expand in all 4 zones. Beware, as roads incur maintenance costs, deducting points from your final score. The game ends when all cards have been played. Players then determine the minimum score for that round.

The illustrations on the cards depict different areas such as commercial, industrial, parks, and residential. As the city grows, the game becomes more challenging as players try to find the best location for their cards to maximize their score. Sprawlopolis can be played solo or with a group. The game is quick to learn and play, making it a great option for those who enjoy city-building games or compact games that are easy to carry.

Sprawlopolis game cards

Pocket Sized Gaming

Sprawlopolis offers several advantages as a pocket-sized game. It’s easy to transport, quick to setup, and has no fiddly parts. The illustrations on the cards capture the theme of city planning and your city is fun to watch as it grows to a small metropolis. The four sections on each card represent different areas: commercial, industrial, parks, and residential, and the roads. They are prominently displayed, playing an important role in gameplay. Another standout feature of “Sprawlopolis” is the solo mode. It’s a perfect game to bring on a solo trip and pass the time. Read more about Sprawlopolis at Button Shy Games

Sprawlopolis Wallet Game ($12) – the base game in a vinyl wallet

Wrecktar, Construction Zones and Points of Interest Expansions ($4) – three small expansions packed in a card sleeve

Beaches Expansion ($4) – a four card expansion packed in a card sleeve

Interstate Expansion ($4) – a four card expansion packed in a card sleeve


For more information, visit https://buttonshygames.com/products/sprawlopolis

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