Fangs: A Darkly Comic Graphic Novel of Love Across the Monster Aisle

Fangs, a new graphic novel by Sarah Andersen, is a dark yet humorous love story between a vampire and a werewolf. Set in a world similar to the movie What We Do in the Shadows, Fangs is a gothic rom-com that follows the couple as they navigate their unique relationship.

Andersen is a talented cartoonist and illustrator with a distinct style that is both charming and macabre. She is the author of the infamous Sarah’s Scribbles, an award-winning comic series loved by readers of all ages. Her work is full of relatable humor and insights into the human condition, even when the characters are supernatural creatures.

In Fangs, Andersen offers readers a glimpse into the everyday lives of Elsie, the vampire, and Jimmy, the werewolf. She explores the challenges and joys of their relationship with wit, warmth, and a touch of absurdity.

For example, in one scene, Elsie and Jimmy are on a date at a restaurant. Jimmy orders steak, rare. When the waiter asks if they have any questions, Elsie deadpans, “Is there any garlic in the food?”

Fangs is a delightful and heartwarming graphic novel that is sure to appeal to fans of dark comedy, romance, and all things supernatural.

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