Starfinder Angels of the Drift Brings TTRPG to Comic Book Form

Starfinder Angels of the Drift Comic Book

Starfinder Angels of the Drift

Big news today for tabletop RPG and comic book fans. Paizo has teamed with publisher Dynamite to bring the popular Starfinder RPG franchise to comic books with Starfinder Angels of the Drift. This is the first ever adaptation of Starfinder into comic form. Paizo asked James L. Sutter (at one time creative director for Starfinder) to join forces with writer Edu Menna (Army of Darkness) in order to craft the story.

“Starfinder is all about exploring the galaxy and having epic adventures, but at the end of the day it’s also about your real-world experience as a player, sitting around a table having fun with your friends,” says writer James L. Sutter. “I think the comic zeroes in on that feeling—that no matter how high the stakes get, both the game and the comic are meant to be fun.”

Starfinder Angels of the Drift Comic Books

Angels of the Drift delves into the lives of its iconic characters and  features a vibrant cast including. These include Navasi, a reformed pirate and the group’s unofficial captain, Obozaya, the team’s reptilian powerhouse, Quig, a hot-headed mechanic, and Keskodai, an insectoid medic who is also a priest of a death goddess. The storyline revolves around a catastrophe in the hyperspace dimension called the Drift which disrupts interstellar travel and sets off a chain of events.

Three beautiful covers have been announced so far with art by Edu Menna, Richard Pace, and Biagio d’Alessandro. Pace’s covers connect to form a larger image, and all covers are printed on premium cardstock paper. The comic also caters to tabletop game enthusiasts by providing official Starfinder Society-approved content. This content includes playable character stats, new character options inspired by the story, a novel playable species, and more.

Starfinder Angels of the Drift

From Dynamite Publishing

STARFINDER: ANGELS OF THE DRIFT #1 is solicited in Diamond Comic Distributors’ April 2023 Previews catalog, the premier source of merchandise for the comic book specialty market, and slated for release in June 2023. Comic book fans are encouraged to preorder copies of the issue with their local comic book retailers. 

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