Gaslands: Refuelled – Post Apocalyptic Tabletop Car Battles

“Shoot, ram, skid, and loot your way through the ruins of civilization with Gaslands: Refuelled, the tabletop miniature wargame of post-apocalyptic vehicular mayhem.”

Gaslands: Refuelled from Osprey Games is a vehicular tabletop strategy game where players battle one another in a post-apocalyptic setting. The game was created by Mike Hutchinson, who is also the author of the rulebook and the creator of the game’s setting and lore.

In Gaslands, players control teams of vehicles, which can include cars, trucks, motorcycles, and even tanks. The vehicles are outfitted with various weapons and upgrades, such as machine guns, flamethrowers, and rocket launchers. Players use these vehicles to compete in a variety of challenges, such as races, death races, and arena battles.

I first caught a view of Gaslands when I was attending one of the Strategicon conventions in Los Angeles. What caught my eye, and what may be a large part of the appeal of this game, were the modified Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars. Having just learned about miniature painting, I found the vehicle modifications fascinating. Guns, grilles, big wheels, damage spots. After getting home and doing more research I realized that there was a whole scene of car battling strategists out there. And Etsy sellers with all the parts I needed to get started modifying cars.

The game is highly customizable. Players can use any type of model from toy cars to detailed miniatures Additionally, the game’s rules are flexible, allowing players to modify and adapt them to their preferences. There are rules, scenarios and modifications that you can find online. This has led to a large and active community, as I caught a glimpse of at Stragegicon.

Gaslands: Refuelled Book and PDF

The Gaslands rulebook is a comprehensive guide to the game, providing all the rules, settings, and background information needed to play. It provides an overview of the game’s setting, which is a post-apocalyptic world where fossil fuels have become scarce and valuable, leading to a new form of entertainment: deadly vehicular combat.

The book includes rules for building and customizing vehicles, as well as a wide range of weapons and upgrades. It also includes a variety of scenarios, from races and death races to arena battles and convoy assaults. The book also provides guidelines for creating custom teams and scenarios. Gaslands: Refuelled is available at the Osprey games website as well as at online booksellers.

The Rules of Gaslands

When you sit down to battle with your team of cars, the basic rules for Gaslands are as follows:

  • Players control teams of miniature vehicles that can move and attack on a hex-based grid
  • Players compete in various challenges such as races, death races, and arena battles
  • Vehicles have statistics like speed, toughness and weapons that determine their capabilities
  • Players take turns moving and attacking with their vehicles and can repair or replace them between rounds
  • Random events can happen during the game that can affect the outcome
  • Points are awarded for completing objectives and destroying enemy vehicles, the player with the most points at the end wins

How to Get Cars for Gaslands

Buy pre-made models: Gaslands is designed to be highly customizable, so players can use any type of model vehicle, regardless of the scale or manufacturer. Many hobby and game stores sell a variety of model cars and trucks that can be used for the game.

Convert existing models: Players can also convert existing models, such as toy cars or other types of miniatures, into Gaslands vehicles. This can be done by adding weapons and other upgrades, or by customizing the paint job.

3D printing: Some players use 3D printing to create custom vehicles for Gaslands. This allows players to create unique and highly detailed models, but it can be a more time-consuming and expensive option.

Online communities: There is a large and active community of Gaslands players who share their custom models and conversions online. You can find a lot of tutorials and inspiration on the internet.

Building from Scratch: Some players make cars from scratch using materials like plasticard, plastic tubing, and other parts. This can be a time-consuming and challenging option, but it allows for total freedom in creating the car you want.

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