Strategicon Los Angeles Events – Orccon 2023 February 17-20

Strategicon events in Los Angeles bring an intimate atmosphere friendly vibe to the Los Angeles Hilton for Orccon, GameX, and Gateway 2023. 


We are a family of board game enthusiasts but we didn’t get there by ourselves. We owe a debt to Strategicon LA for helping to introduce us to game conventions and also to many games that we learned at their events. I first attended OrcCon in 2019 when I was still fairly new to the board gaming hobby. With a curiosity for the scene but no experience, I had no idea what to expect. Tickets were reasonably priced and it happens not too far from my house so I decided to check it out. That first event really shaped the next few years to come as I met people and found hobbies that would be the foundation of a fun new family activity.

Highlights at Orccon that year included painting miniatures, learning lots of new games, trying prototypes, meeting like-minded gamers, and spending a bit too much at the merchandise tables. Games learned that year include Architects of the Western Kingdom, Great Westen Trail, and Brass. All titles I probably wouldn’t have learned so easily if it wasn’t for game reps teaching new gamers how to play them at conventions like these.

Strategicon Events

Strategicon is a series of gaming conventions that take place at the Hilton LAX in Los Angeles, California. The conventions typically feature a wide variety of tabletop and role-playing games as well as miniature wargaming, board games, and CCGs. Events include open gaming, tournaments, and special guests from the gaming industry. There is also a vendor area with many booths selling games, gaming accessories, and related merchandise. The conventions usually take place three times a year on holiday weekends.

Strategicon Events

FEBRUARY 17-20, 2023

GAMEX 2023
MAY 26-29, 2023

SEPTEMBER 1-4, 2023
Find information for schedules, registration, and hotel deals on the Strategicon website.

Orccon –  February 17-20, 2023

Orccon is just around the corner! The next Strategicon event happens on the weekend of February 17-20, 2023 (Presidents Day Weekend) at the Hilton Los Angeles Airport. The hotel is located at 5711 W Century Blvd. Los Angeles, California 90045. Pre-registration, room information, and tickets can be found at Strategicon’s website.

Orccon Tips

Heading to Orccon, GameX, or Gateway 2023? We have attended a few times and have some tips for you to enjoy your journey.

You will be at LAX – The main thing to know is that the event happens very close to LAX. That means all of the traffic, prices, lack of parking, and limited food options that come with LAX. On the other hand the hotel and setting is incredibly nice once you get parked and inside.

Bring Food – Whether you pack some food, pick up some food on the way in, or Uber Eats through the weekend, you will want to acquire food from off-site. The LAX Hilton has a limited amount of restaurants and they can be pricey. There is a Carl’s Jr. within walking distance but if you’re like me you’ll tire of that after the second meal.

Research Parking Rates in Advance (or Uber / Lyft in if you live in the LA area) – Hotel parking is very expensive. The conventions do offer discounted rates. When you book through Strategicon you pay $10 general and $20 for valet per day for parking. On the other hand if you decided to drive over the day of the convention and wing it (like I did), you may pay a lot for parking.

Check out all the gaming areas – There are many rooms and areas set up for gaming, usually on three floors of the hotel

Games at the library – Is there a title you want to try? They may have a copy at the robust Strategicon gaming library

Learn New Games – They can be much more fun when someone who knows the game teaches the rules. Demos happen all weekend long. Check the event schedule for specific times and titles.

Paint a Miniature – This was a highlight of my last trip as I had never painted a mini and came back with a newfound love for the hobby. The paint and take area is in the main ballroom and open from 10-5 on Saturday and Sunday


We’re getting excited for Orccon 2023 and plan to be at the event in February. Hope to see you there and play some games!

OrcCon 2023 Press Release

Strategicon presents our first show of 2023 — Orccon 2023 at the Los Angeles Airport Hilton over Presidents Day weekend (Feb 17 – Feb 20). Preregistration for the show and events ends by end of day Monday February 13th, so don’t miss out! We still need volunteers for all sorts of things. Run games, help with the family area, work the registration desk, whatever — we need people to make a live convention happen. If interested in getting in for free in exchange for 8 hours works please sign up at Orccon’s 2023’s schedule is packed with almost 700 events — so many events that we cannot possibly list them all here. Highlights include:

Love RPGs?

We have RPGs! Old School Gaming! Everything from straight up 1st edition D&D as well as Old School Essentials  and DCCRPG.  Player vs. Player D&D tournament with prize support. We have living world all-day DCCRPG events. Come in and hit a dungeon and go or stay for more.

Happy Jack’s RPG show is back

Tons of fun games from your favorite HJ GMs as well as a show where we recap the events of the weekend and generally have a fun time! Welcome back from your hiatus guys and gals!

Jonathan Albin

Jonathan Albin is here with Parallels and demos of his NycosRPG. Come get in some games with a true TTG luminary.

Viva Variety!

There is more out there than D&D and we have it. Mork Borg, Blades in the Dark, Fate of Cthulhu, Call of Cthulhu, GURPS, Savage Worlds, Paranoia, Blade Runner, Tales of Xadia, Marvel Super Heroes, Star Trek, Dr. Who and more! Check out a variety of settings and systems to let your imagination go wild!

Pathfinder and Starfinder

We’ve got Pathfinder and Starfinder as well! The Los Angeles Pathfinder & Starfinder Society is offering several Learn to Play sessions on both Saturday and Sunday as well as several seesions for those who already play the game.

An Evening of Close Up Magic

Michael Mirth presents “An Evening of Close Up Magic” (limited seating) on Saturday night and “An Evening of Magic & Comedy” on Sunday night. Michael is a frequent performer at Magic Castle and his presentations will absolutely blow your mind.


From Stone Blade Studios, makers of the hit game Ascension, comes SolForge: A unique take on a card-dueling game with upgradable cards and a mix-match mechanic of two different decks. Creatures, spells, and Forgeborn come in unique, algorithmically-generated faction decks. We have both sealed and constructed tournaments. We even have a session to teach you the game!

Paint your minis

Orccon offers our Paint and Take painting demonstration both Saturday and Sunday — all materials provided. We are also doing a painting tutorial with a step by step guide on the “Slap Chop” method. Concentrating on undershading and contrast paints. Want to learn to paint great minis in just minutes? Check out the live tutorial, Sunday 11am in the Carmel room.

Duel 2 and Dwarves vs Orcs

Reality Simulations Inc. returns after a long hiatus with both Duel 2 and Dwarves vs Orcs. Duel 2 is an old school turn-based man-to-man combat in the arena and in Dwarves vs Orcs lead you clan or tribe while exploring and conquering the Savage North. Both games run all weekend out side out dealer room. Drop in at any time.


Come learn the latest games at the Game Library! New titles from publishers like Rio Grande, Queen, Fantasy Flight, Days of Wonder, Gamewright, Mayday Games and more will be explained to new players looking to try them out.

Video Games

In video games, Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator returns for Orccon 2023. We also have tournaments of Multiversus, Marvel Snap, and StarCraft 2.


For those that like to shop we have over 40 vendors in our dealer room. Many old favorites along with some fresh faces. A wide variety of games and game-related paraphernalia for every type of gamer. We also have the Strategicon Flea Market and the Strategicon Game Auction. Here you can find that missing gem for your collection or possibly clear your closet of your surplus games.
So join us for Orccon 2023! Go to to register and we will see you in just over a week! We even have T-Shirts!




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