Raspberry Pi and Python Can Help You Win at Scrabble

We love maker projects here at CGL. The project Wayne Stephen from Devscover offers a technological solution to getting beaten at Scrabble. With Raspberry Pi, a camera, and a bit of Python code you can now find the highest scoring Scrabble options.

Scrabble Word Finder

This video hit home for me as Stephen asks, “do you have a partner that’s just too good at Scrabble?” (Pondering.. Why.. yes. Yes I do.) He goes on to explain a piece of software he created to run on Raspberry Pi that would help him in winning. “This code will read my tiles, take that image, convert it into text, and figure out he highest scoring word combinations that I can use on the board.”

The video above shows detailed information on using a Raspberry Pi with touch screen and the Raspberry Pi Camera Kit to create the setup. Stephen then explains how to set up the camera, align the picture, and install the code from GitHub. The bulk of this video details how the Python code works and how he built it. A great project for those wanting to get into Raspberry Pi and coding with Python.

Scrabble Word Finder

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