Board Game Arena News: Nova Luna, Caper Europe, Gizmos

Board games and video games unite at one of our favorite gaming sites: Board Game Arena. This glorious portal to games has taught us many titles and united us with gamer friends around the world. Here are some of the latest games to arrive on BGA recently.

Gizmos on BGG


Phil Walker-Harding’s hit lands on BGA! “In Gizmos, players aim to build the best machines as inventors at the Great Science Fair. Using four energy marbles from the Energy Dispenser, players buy and construct new Gizmos. Plan ahead for chain-reactions of Gizmos for multiple results from one action. The player with the most victory points wins. Play Gizmos on BGA or get your copy here!


Nova Luna on BGG

Nova Luna

Plan your new future in this on the new moon in this tile-laying game from Uwe Rosenberg and Corné van Moorsel. Each turn, place a new tile from the moon wheel in front of you. Fulfill tasks by placing tiles of the correct color next to them, creating new tasks. Place a marker on each completed task. Make wise decisions as you follow the cycles of the moon and and be the first to place all markers to win. Play Nova Luna on BGA or get your copy here!


Caper Europe

Become the greatest criminal mastermind in Europe by recruiting a crew, sending them to locations, and providing gear. Utilize resources efficiently to steal goods and dominate locations through well-planned strategy. Caper: Europe is a two-player drafting game where you compete by sending thieves to European locations and enhancing their skills with gear. Win by controlling locations and snatching priceless goods. 6 rounds to plan and play. Outmaneuver your opponent to win the night. Play Caper Europe on BGA or get your copy here!


age-of-civilization on bga

Age of Civilization

Age of Civilization is a pocket-sized civilization game where players lead up to 3 historical civilizations to form unique abilities. Build Wonders, research tech, develop culture, conquer, or exploit to achieve the greatest civilization. 6 rounds. In round 1, pick a civilization card, gain workers based on population, assign workers to public actions for effects like earning coins, paying for tech/wonders, earning victory points, etc. End turn with workers either returned or disappeared based on action type. Play Age of Civilization on BGA or get your copy here!


cubosaurs on bga


Score points with each dinosaur draft card, based on end-of-round card count. Choose wisely each turn whether to take the offered hand or pass with a cost of adding a unique card from your herd. Optimize your collection by strategically getting rid of negative cards. Win by avoiding taking the worst hands. Play Cubosaurs on BGA


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