Top 5 Survival and Adventure Video Games


Subnautica is a underwater adventure/horror game where you (the protagonist) must explore a vast underwater world where you are most likely the only living human after your ship crashed from space when an unknown source caused your ship to fall. Amongst this empty water world, you will find items such as limestone, titanium, gold, sulfur, and much more to create tools and upgrades for you to continue exploring this water world from the monsters and hazards in the deep. Oxygen is vital in this game. Upgrading your oxygen tank is something you should do immediately. From just exploring around to fighting giant killer fish, this game would be a favorite for most aquatic fans, adventure fans, and fish fans. (As long as you are ok with some horror.)

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

The Legend of Zelda BOTW is a fun game where it is the 18th game in the entire Legend of Zelda history (not lore related). In this game, Link wakes up 100 years after the great calamity. You explore Hyrule, where Ganon is trying to stop you by sending bokoblins, moblins, and pretty much anything to stop you. Link must explore the starting map of the game and solve 4 shrines witch give Link the abilities, Remote Bomb, Cryonis, Stasis, and Magnesis. Remote Bomb are bombs that Link can throw to cause explosion damage, that does only a little bit of damage. Cryonis can cause ice pillars to come up from the ground and create pillars you can stand on and climb on as well. As long as you are near water. Stasis will freeze objects that can be moved in the game, and even throw some objects with the force that you apply depending how many times you attack. This can be upgraded to freeze enemies. Magnesis can lift objects that are metal into places you want. It’s kinda like Ultrahand but you can’t slime things together and it can only be metal (wow that sounded weird out of context). The story and lore of this game is amazing, with the game allowing the player to explore Hyrule any way they want, and get weapons and items their own way as long as they don’t die.


Admit it. You have heard of this game before. The hit game that almost everyone loves. And I can explain it if you haven’t. Minecraft is a 3d voxel game where you must explore a cube world where you must go from punching trees to fighting a big boss battle. Minecraft is a simple game that even 6 year olds can understand how to play, with the game defying gravity by letting trees float sometimes. All you got to do is get materials and build a home for the first day, and then get more materials, and then make stuff, and repeat the same thing until you make a nether portal. Then repeat the same thing. Until you make it to the End, which then all you got to do is kill the ender dragon. You can also use Mods to make the game have a better experience, such as enabling an engineering mod, a space mod, an exploration mod, and a certain mod that starts with a J that only virgins use. Or you can use servers where you can do the same thing, but with friends. But you can also find servers where people altered the gameplay and made it so that you can also do things like survive on a small floating island, mine ores forever until you are bored, and fight other players. Minecraft is pretty fun, even though it may SEEM like I am insulting the game. You should play it.

Fallout 4

Fallout 4 is an engaging and entertaining game by Bethesda. It is open world, and you can mod basically everything from weapons to power armors. In essense, you start as someone who has a normal life, a family, and a robot that acts like it was a butler. And this all stops when suddenly: BOOM! Nuclear attack. Thankfully, you get to Vault 111 in time, and survive; but your family has perished, and your child is kidnapped. Your goal is to find your child while surviving radiation and mutated monsters in a post-apocalyptic world. Like a choose-your-own-adventure story, there are many endings to the story based on decisions you make throughout the game.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

This game, without a doubt, should have GOTY locked in. You start off in the Great Sky Island, where there is more stuff then just going straight to the shrines. You have a machine where you can see if you get certain Zonai devices you want, *cough* BASICALY A GACHA MACHINE, *cough* and you can interact with more NPCs then just a crusty old man. After all that, you get the abilities Ultrahand, Fuse, Ascend, and Recall. Ultrahand can be used like Magnesis, but you can connect things together, and you aren’t just limited to metal. It can be used to make all sorts of nifty contraptions. Fuse is what it sounds like. You can use fuse to, well, fuse items to your weapon, shield, arrow, etc. You can do such as you can fuse a bomb to your shield for an explosion when you shield surf, and launching you into the air. Ascend can ascend you through objects to get you to the surface if you are in a cave or such. You can also use it to commit… acts of war crime. I’m not saying anything else. Recall can reverse time on objects, so you can send items like a bomb being thrown at you, back at the enemy. I have not fully played the game yet, but it is an amazing game that should have GOTY locked in.

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