What is Deltarune?

Deltarune is an indie RPG video game developed by Toby Fox, whom also wrote the story and composed the soundtrack for the game. Deltarune is rated T for teens.

In the indie games community, I can tell that more people might be in the Undertale fandom instead of the Deltarune fandom, which makes sense since people have been making AUs (Alternate Universes) of Undertale, which people can chat on. But since Deltarune is the 2nd game in the Toby Fox RPG Collection, figured I can write a review about it and talk about the upcoming chapter 3, 4, and 5. 

Chapter 1 Light World


When you first start Deltarune, you will be presented with a screen with someone talking to you, most likely W.D Gaster according to Matpat, and then after that, you get to create your own character, with hair, body, and favorite blood type even. And once you do all that, your amazing vessel will be deleted. Because apparently, in this world, you cannot choose who you are. After that scene, you will wake up as Kris Dreemur in the Light World. After getting scolded by Toriel Dreemur for not waking up, you go to school, and figure out that there are also some new characters inside Deltarune that isn’t in Undertale, which makes it special. After talking to some people to ask to be a study partner, Susie will come in, and then Alphys, the teacher in Deltarune, will ask where the heck is the chalk for the board. After all that, Kris and Susie will exit the classroom to find chalk, only to find out you will get threatened by Susie and get threatened to be eaten. After Susie changes her mind, you will go to a dark room where Kris and Susie will try to find chalk, only for the door being shut on you, and getting sent to the dark world.

Chapter 1 Dark World


After falling down from the dark room, you end up in the dark world, a place where the Darkners are. After exploring for a little bit, and doing your first puzzle in the game, you find Susie, who is surprised and thought you were a monster. You aren’t. After walking forward for a little bit, you will encounter the first “enemy” that will damage you. You have to dodge falling spades from the sky while running away to the other area, and once you have made it there, you have to go down a waterfall to escape that person, while still dodging spades. After making it down the waterfall, you end up near Ralsei’s castle. After talking to Ralsei and listening to his story, you got to fight Lancer, the first enemy in the game, and kind of a clowny fella. After beating or sparing him, Ralsei joins your team, and you get to explore more of the Dark World. I don’t want this review to be very long, so let’s skip to near the end. When near the end, Lancer is a friend, and it turns out you were ambushed by the enemies in the game. After waking up in a jail, you find out Susie can escape, and she must explore, but you don’t fully control her. Just the puzzles. After Susie finds Lancer, she then activates a fight, which in case you didn’t know, she always uses the FIGHT ability without any hesitation. After all that, Susie decides to not kill him, and spare him. When Susie got Kris and Ralsei out the jail, Susie can now use basic abilities like Magic, and Spare. After making your way through the castle, and reaching the top, you find Lancer’s Dad, AKA, the final boss for this chapter. After beating Lancer’s Dad, as you cannot spare him, you get flabbergasted and trolled, because when Ralsei thought he was gonna be nice, he rickrolled them and knocked them down. After Ralsei uses her pacify spell however, the game finishes, and you can escape the Dark World. I’m not gonna sugarcoat the rest of it.


Chapter 2 Story

Still, major spoilers, this time, I’m just gonna explain the story.

In Chapter 2, Susie is still your friend. When you make it to school, you find the nerd emoji in a bird form and then he explains all 700 pages of star wars lore (not really). After waking up, Kris slept through class all day, and Susie was waiting to go to the dark world. After making your way through the dark world, with a ball of junk, you meet Ralsei, and greeting you. After a few minutes later, Ralsei finds out you have homework and “banishes” you from the kingdom until you finish the homework assignment. After going to the “Librarby,” you find out there is ANOTHER dark world inside the computer lab. After making your way through there, you end up in the “Cyber World,” AKA, what it would be like if you put people inside the computer and internet mainframe. After finding that Noelle and Berdly are here, you have to go through lots of fights and puzzles, and after a specific fight, Susie and Ralsei now have the ability to use S-Act and R-Act. After a little more exploring and stuff, you find [The Number One Greatest Salesmen1997]. That’s right, the [BIG SHOT], Spamton. After getting through that, you keep on exploring, destroying cheese, blocking ads, etc. Until you are in the Castle. I DON’T WANT TO TALK ABOUT THIS THOUGH. Let’s say that you used hacks and made you way to the Queen fight. After going through that hell of a fight, depending on Sparing or Fighting, it doesn’t matter. After that, you have to fight a giant Queen that WAS in the center of her palace apparently. After going through ANOTHER hell of a fight, which is really just Punch-Out by Nintendo, you go through a few more cutscenes, and is able to go to the Light World. I will stop at the house at night. Susie decides to hang out with Kris for the night, and Toriel allows it, but Kris wakes up at 3 AM to do a 3 AM Challenge, and simply stabs the ground, which causes a black fog to surround the room. And then the TV that has static on the screen smiles. Weird. But it’s Deltarune, and we have to wait for the rest of the chapters.

Chapter 3 Speculation

You can go to Deltarune.com and check out the Spamton Sweepstakes, or the September 2022 logs for Chapter 3. According to one of the trolls in the sweepstakes, there will be a new main enemy/ally/character called The Weathermen inside Chapter 3. We also got new footage of the combat with new enemies. With some of the new enemies, one of them is a large line of music notes, kind of like the berdly attack, it will shoot a large ray that will do damaged in a curved line. Another one of the attacks will be one of them shooting a gun that will shoot bullets in a random directions at the player. And Noelle might be more related to the story as well, as in some of the notepad edits, it showed some music, and either someone from the main story writing something, or the developers shit posting. There isn’t much now, but now we have photos of the Light World, the Dark World, and even a video of Queen getting her own room inside the castle.

Based on Toby Fox’s videos, photos, and even development info, I think that new chapters might come out in 2024 or early 2025. Stay tuned!



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