Browser-Based Text RPG Fallen London Gets Updates and Roadmap

Fallen London by Failbetter Games is still going strong 14 years after its launch. The browser-based text adventure video game has a cult following and still receives updates. Most recently the company announced a roadmap to 2023 for Fallen London that includes festivals, two more Zee ports, and living world updates. Additionally the company is aiming for April 2023 release of the Fallen London spin off game, Mask of the Rose.

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Fallen London

Fallen London is a browser-based text-based role-playing game developed by Failbetter Games in 2009. It is set in a dark, Victorian-era alternate version of London that has fallen into a giant cave system. Players create their character and embark on various stories and quests, making choices that affect their character’s stats and relationships with the game’s various factions and characters. The game features elements of mystery, horror, and dark humor, and is known for its rich, atmospheric writing. It is free to play, but players can purchase items and stories through the game’s microtransactions system.

Fallen London is a unique and immersive gaming experience that draws players into a rich, dark and fantastical world. The game features a rich narrative and branching storylines that allow players to make choices that shape their character’s story and influence the world around them. The game is text-based, and players make choices by clicking on different options presented to them in response to the game’s various prompts. The choices that players make affect their character’s stats, such as their Watchful, Dangerous, Persuasive, and Shadowy abilities, as well as their relationships with the game’s many factions and characters. The writing in Fallen London is widely praised for its rich atmosphere, dark humor, and captivating storytelling. The game’s developers, Failbetter Games, are known for their commitment to creating deep, immersive experiences, and they have succeeded in doing so with Fallen London.

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Fallen London 2023 Roadmap

In a recent blog post on the company’s website, Hannah Flynn posted a Roadmap for Early 2023 for Fallen London. Updates to the game include “Fate” and subscription price changes, expanded Exceptional Friendship, new festivities, and living world updates. Below are some details from the post.

An Expanded Exceptional Friendship – Details are still TBD. Cooking up an expansion to Exceptional Friendship, more economical way of playing the growing back-catalogue of Exceptional Stories

Regular festivals and living world updates – Our regular schedule of free festivals continues throughout 2023

Horatia’s Boarding House – Your efforts in reaching social goals for the Mask of the Rose Kickstarter campaign are still paying dividends. You’ll be rewarded with a new small activity in Fallen London, free for all players. Visit the main location of Mask of the Rose, 40 years on, and see how the proprietress (and boarders) are doing. Horatia’s Boarding House arrives in January.

Two more zee ports, and a conclusion to Evolution – Our next planned port of call is Gaider’s Mourn. Expect the port itself to be fairly small, but it will come alongside adjustments and expansion of the zailing experience. Aimed both at adding more variety to the zailing deck and some more challenge for experienced (or foolhardy) zee captains. We expect to launch this in spring.

The Estival – Like 2022’s Prelapsarian Exhibition, this is a summer festival with an all-new story and the return of past summer-event items. 2023’s Estival will take place in July as usual.

The Tracklayer’s City – New stories in the Upper River will arrive in the second half of 2023, to show the consequences of your choices during the Railway storyline. This will be a little bigger than we’d originally planned. The Railway is largely written by our creative director Em Short, who is leading the writing on Mask of the Rose; thank you for your patience while she works away to complete it!

Fruits of the Zee – We are making some changes to Fruits of the Zee. We plan on a redesign with some new added content; at present, Fruits is the festival least in line with our current design principles and the one with the least content.

Improvements to the Onboarding Game – Throughout 2023 we’ll be working on improvements to the early parts of Fallen London to make the game more welcoming and engaging, especially for new and returning players.

fallen London screenshot of city

About Failbetter Games

Failbetter Games is a British independent video game development studio that was founded in 2010. The studio is best known for its browser-based narrative games such as “Fallen London” and “Sunless Sea.” These games are known for their atmospheric writing, rich world-building, and branching storylines that allow players to make choices that shape their character’s story and the world around them.

Failbetter Games is recognized for its commitment to creating deep, immersive experiences, and its games often feature elements of horror, mystery, and dark humor. The studio is known for its distinctive writing style which is often praised for its rich atmosphere and captivating storytelling.

In addition to its browser-based games, Failbetter Games has also worked on other projects including developing the narrative and world-building elements of games such as “BioShock 2” and “Bioshock Infinite.” The studio is committed to creating high-quality, innovative games that offer players a unique and engaging gaming experience.



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