Chat GPT Invents Sumplete Puzzle Game For Sudoku Fan

Sumplete ChatGPT Game

Sumplete ChatGPT Game

Sumplete is a new game that was created by user Daniel Tait with the help of ChatGPT. Or depending on your point of view it was created by the popular AI chat bot with instructions by Tait. He explains,”Sumplete was invented and coded entirely by AI (ChatGPT). Yeah, I’m not joking. After a few hours of prompting, the AI chatbot had created this unique puzzle game. ChatGPT not only came up with the idea, but also coded the game, designed it and even named it!”

Sumplete is a puzzle game that challenges players to solve a grid of numbers by eliminating cells so that the sum of the remaining numbers equals the target number beside each row and column. The game starts with a simple 3×3 grid, but quickly escalates to more complex 4×4, 5×5, 6×6, and even 9×9 grids that offer a greater challenge. As players delete numbers from a row, they also disappear from the column it crosses, adding an extra layer of complexity to the puzzle. While the basic 3×3 version may be underwhelming, Sumplete quickly becomes an addictive and satisfying experience as the complexity increases.

Sumplete by Daniel Tait Chat GPT Conversation

To create this puzzle game, Daniel Tait asked ChatGPT a series of prompts asking about games like Sudoku. When the AI couldn’t provide an alternative that Tait liked, he asked the chat bot to create a puzzle. Tait explains that on the fourth attempt ChatGPT provided a game structure that he liked. At that point he asked the AI if it could create a playable version of the game using HTML and JavaScript.

“30 seconds later I had a fully playable version of the puzzle in my browser. Incredible. I then asked to improve the design by adding some CSS,” Tait explains. “No problem. I spent the next few hours iterating the game with ChatGPT – adding new features and improving the design. We finally landed on the version that is playable today!”

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