Just Shapes and Beats Tests Your Reflexes

Just Shapes & Beats is a single/multiplayer game where it requires reaction time and speed to be able to play properly. The game is a bullet hell/music based game. The game is fairly simple. You control a shape and you have to make sure your shape does not get hit by any of the bullets or particles that are red/pink. The music that is in the background will basically summon any of the bullets or shapes that you must avoid and make sure you need to dodge them all to survive.


Challenge Mode is a mode where depending on your console, you can play with friends locally with multiple controllers, join other online/Steam users, or just quickly join a game where you have to team up to survive the shapes. You can play Normal or Hardcore.

Normal is basically a mode where you and 4 other players must play one of the levels, and make sure you all survive. After that, you must choose the next level you want to play, do that level, and on the third level is a boss fight, which is like a normal level but no checkpoints and it’s much harder. You win by completing all the levels without losing all of your team’s lives.

Hardcore is fairly similar, except the in-game currency is doubled, and it’s much, much harder.


Story Mode is similar to Challenge Mode except it is designed for single player. It plays like Super Mario Bros, where you have to go through different areas and levels, and you have to make sure you survive without losing all your lives. 


Playlist is a list of all the levels you have completed in Story Mode and won in achievements. You can select any level there, and you can keep on playing any level you like.


There is a Casual Mode, which doubles your health. The creators once said, “we don’t really mind if you use this mode because we don’t mind.” You can unlock levels for Playlist here by completing levels you have done. 

I’ve enjoyed the demo so much I ended up buying a copy of the full game. I will share the experience next time!

This game was made by Berzerk Studios, an indie Canadian team, and Just Shapes & Beats was released for Steam and Nintendo Switch on May 31st 2018. The design was made by Simon Lachance or “Lachhh.”

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