Best Formula One Video Games for F1 2023 Racing Season

F1 Racing

The growl of the engines, the squeal of the tires.. F1 season is here again! From Friday to Sunday we are watching the races, enjoying the speed of those machines. To get our racing fix during the rest of the week we turn to Formula One video games on iOS, Android, and PC. Below are some of our top picks for F1 video games. 

F1 on PC – Formula One Video Games

F1 2022

This F1 sim by Codemasters and EA has been leading the pack with annual releases that offer support for VR and racing rigs. This is the officially licensed F1 title that offers real teams, drivers, and cars. This is not an easy game. If you’ve ever wondered how hard it is to drive an F1 car, this title will let you know in a pinch. While we wait patiently for the release of F1 2023, the 2022 version of the game is currently the latest version available. It’s also on sale this weekend at Steam’s website.

Best F1 Video Games for 2023 Racing Season

Max Verstappen Joins EA for 2023

EA has confirmed Max Verstappen as a partner to the F1 EA brand this year. “Whether it’s playing games with my friends or staying competitive when away from the track, EA Sports has always been a big part of my life, said Max Verstappen of the partnership. “EA Sports is an icon for so many millions of fans, and I’m proud to represent them for the 2023 season.” 

Andrea Hopelain, SVP of brand for EA Sports elaborated, “Max is a tenacious competitor and true champion who shares a deep love of games and play. As he races into Formula 1 history, we are excited to collaborate with him as one of the best athletes in the world to bring more fans together through our EA Sports experiences.”

Codemasters’ F1 series claims these games are “the closest you can get to the smell of asphalt while sitting comfortably in your home.” We are still waiting for an official launch date for F1 2023 from Codemasters and EA. In the meantime you can still race to glory in F1 2022

F1 Manager

If you’re the type of fan who enjoys the sport from a manager’s perspective, you may enjoy F1 manager. This game puts you in control of drivers, race pace, tire changes, pit strategy, and overall planning for your F1 team. While this title is a racing game, your focus is on team planning as opposed to driving the car through the track. F1 Manager 2022 is available on Steam.

Motorsport Manager

Motorsport Manager

While EA has locked in official support of F1 in video games, Motorsport Manager from SEGA has a much longer legacy as a motorsport management sim. In this game players step into the role of the team principal of a motorsport organization. In Motorsport Manager, players can choose between various tiers of racing leagues, each with its unique challenges. The game provides an authentic representation of the racing world, with a wide range of variables such as weather conditions, driver performance, and car reliability, which can significantly impact a team’s success on race day. Additionally, players must manage their team’s finances, negotiate contracts with sponsors and drivers, and develop their headquarters to gain a competitive edge. Motorsport Manager is available on Steam.

Racing Rigs

Ready for the real deal? For the ultimate driving simulation experience, our F1 enthusiast friend recommends the following accessories. Be forewarned this is an expensive hobby to get into. 

Sim Lab

SIM-LAB founded in 2015 has been revolutionizing the sim industry and is recognized by the community as the go-to brand for high-quality simulation hardware & electronics. SIM-LAB is the official team supplier of the Mercedes Petronas Formula 1 eSports Team.


Fanatac Racing Wheels and wheel bases are dedicated sim racing hardware that offer force feedback for high-precision driving simulations. 

f1 racing games

iOS / Android Formula One Games


Monoposto is a diamond in the rough. Created by independent developer Marco Pesce, this indie racing game is free and has very high ratings. Monoposto on Android. Monoposto 2023 is available on iOS and costs $4.99.

GP Story

Kairosioft’s GP Story is a fictitious circuit that has no relation to real world F1 but offers a wonderful arcade experience of running a Grand Prix race team, developing your drivers and staff, upgrading your cars, managing income, and winning races. The formula is very similar to most other Kairosoft tycoon games but we’re a fan of this sort of business sim (see also Mega Mall Story, Game Dev Story). 

F1 Manager

F1 Manager, developed by Hutch Games, is one of the most popular Formula 1 team management games available for iOS and Android devices. Players take on the role of team principal, making critical decisions regarding driver signings, car upgrades, and race strategy. The game includes official Formula 1 teams, drivers, and circuits, ensuring an authentic experience for fans.

Motorsport Manager Mobile 3

The third installment in the Motorsport Manager series, Motorsport Manager Mobile 3, offers a full motorsport management experience. This game features various racing series, including a high-tier open-wheel category reminiscent of F1. Players must manage all aspects of their team, including finances, car development, and staff. f1 racing video games

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