Roland Launches Bridge Cast Gaming Mixer for Streamers

Roland Corporation, creators of some of the most iconic synthesizers and music equipment of the last 50 years, has announced the released of Bridge Cast – an audio interface and mixer designed for game streamers.

Roland Bridge Cast USB-C Game Streaming Mixer

We love audio production, gear, and gaming here at CGL HQ. So when Roland’s Bridge Cast mixer was announced we got excited. Aimed at Twitch, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok streamers, the Bridge Cast is a USB-C audio interface that allows control of multiple audio channels in real-time for broadcast use. 

The Bridge Cast is a “dual bus gaming mixer” and USB-C desktop audio interface designed to manage multiple outputs with a series of knobs and mute switches for for microphone, aux line in, chat, and game audio channels.

Bridge Cast App

The device will feature a Bridge Cast companion app that will unlock more features such as mic and audio processing, voice transformer, and Game EQ presets. The Bridge Cast app will also give users access to thousands of backing music titles, sounds, and effects for broadcasting.

Press Release 

Los Angeles, CA, January 3, 2023—Roland announces BRIDGE CAST, a professional USB-C audio streaming interface and mixer for online gamers. Named a CES® 2023 Innovation Awards Honoree, BRIDGE CAST takes gaming sound to the next level, backed by 50 years of Roland audio development. This customizable desktop hub features dual mixes, vocal transformer effects, music playback, sound effects, and support for a broadcast-grade XLR mic. Powerful onboard DSP handles the audio load, letting the user dedicate their computer’s power to gaming and streaming.

BRIDGE CAST allows gamers to create independent sound mixes for personal monitoring and online streaming. The personal mix can prioritize game audio and voice chat, while the stream mix can be optimized for maximum viewer engagement using sound effects, backing music, and more.

BRIDGE CAST provides dedicated knobs for quick volume control and assignable buttons for muting sounds and accessing functions. A detachable panel makes it easy for users to personalize the faceplate with a team or gamertag design.

The companion BRIDGE CAST app unlocks deeper features, including mic and audio processing, voice transformer settings, Game EQ presets, and more. It’s also possible to re-assign hardware controls and save/recall configurations for different games and streaming audiences.

In Q2 2023, the BRIDGE CAST app will give users unlimited access to thousands of royalty-free backing music titles, sound effects, and more on Roland Cloud, Roland’s online content service.

The BRIDGE CAST will be available in the U.S. in January for $299.99.


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