Your Only Move is Hustle – 2D Turn-Based PVP Fighting Video Game

Oliver is Creative Game Life’s junior staff writer who always has his finger on the pulse of what’s happening in video games. In this review he tells us about Your Only Move is Hustle, a turn based fighting games that was released to steam last month and gained high reviews for its clever mechanics. 

YOMI Hustle Game

Your Only Move is Hustle

YOMI Hustle is a 2D fast moving fighting game created by a one person team of Ivy Sly. This game is a turn-based fighting game and fight scene simulator. I would recommend Your Only Move is Hustle to people who enjoy fighting games, turn based battles, and old-time pixelated characters.

The game consists of 4 characters right now: The Cowboy, Wizard, Ninja, and Robot. You start off by choosing your characters to fight. The game is not a PVB (Player Versus Bot) type of game. You both control P1 and P2. But you can do 2 player gameplay where 1 person controls P1, the other P2. After choosing your options and characters, you will be taken to a screen with your characters on the map, and the controls at the bottom.

Your Only Move is Hustle video game screenshot

You control your character by clicking on the option that you want to use. For instance, clicking the Dash button will make the character dash forward after the space bar has been pushed. The point of the game is to keep on doing this and doing attacks on the other player, or yourself, and see whoever wins. The multiplayer mode is similar to Singleplayer, but the other person IRL gets to control P1 or P2, and your control P2 or P1. You basically fight until you can’t in game.

When you boot up the game, there is no tutorial at all. You have to figure out how to play on your own. But there are Youtube tutorials that can teach you. Mods can be downloaded through the Steam Workshop in the YOMI Hustle Workshop. In Multiplayer, mod support is enabled, meaning if you have a modded character, you can use that character during a Multiplayer fight, even if they don’t have that character. In Singleplayer, it really is just about fighting yourself, or the person next to you.

Your Only Move is Hustle video game screenshot

There are a variety of attacks with the characters, but more attacks get unlocks as you attack and level up your character in game. The normal movement consists of a Dash, Jump, and even a high jump on some characters. Most normal attacks consist of punching, kicking, and some special attacks. You earn more attacks later on. The point of the game is to kill your opponent. Even if you are playing by yourself, or you are playing with another person next to you. The game unfortunately is not PVB or PVE(Player VS Bot and Player vs Enviorment). In multiplayer, it is the same thing. You play against another player. When in a game, the characters are on the map, at the bottom of the screen is where you select attacks, movement, defense etc.


Even this game is still in testing, it is still one of the most unique games that I have played recently on PC. I would recommend this game to people who enjoy fighting games and old time 32 pixel characters. This game is very high quality, considering that it was made by one person. Definitely worth $4.99. I would maybe say a 9/10 experience.

By Oliver Walsh





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