Cult of the Lamb

Our junior staff writer takes us through Cult of the Lamb.

Cult of the Lamb

Let’s dive right in.

Cult of the Lamb takes place in Ohio. You start off as a lamb that is going to be sacrificed because as one might say, “if you kill one you might as well kill the rest.” So basically the non-believers sacrifice the lambs to make sure they won’t spread the curse (or something). This time, you are the lamb, and you are being sacrificed. But approximately 0.5 seconds before you die, you go to the ghost realm where some big dude is waiting for you and wants you to make a cult for no sudden reason. You can either say “Yes” to this or “Absolutely.” You will receive a Red Crown from the big dude, you can use the crown to use 2 things. Weapons and Curses.

Weapons are what you think they are. There are 5 weapons I know of. Hammer, Sword, Dagger, Axe, and big dragon claws.

Curses are different. It’s like Splat 3 with sub weapons. These weapons are more powerful than normal weapons but always have a limit. You need to have enough power to use a Curse. A Curse usually makes an insta kill type of weapon if it is based off of a low level enemy. Curses can either make you invisible for 2 seconds, knock back anyone in your surroundings, cause damages to other enemies, and poison/freeze enemies. After the tutorial, you find the only safe place is in Ohio and that is where you will transport cult members seeking extra memes on the Africa server.

You can reach new areas in the game based on how many Ohio residents you have in your cult. You need 20 members to open the final boss. But you also need to kill all the other 4 bosses to reach the end. You need about 8-16 Ohio residents to open all the doors.

The normal game consists of 5 bosses. There is a grass guy, the guy who forgot the milk, the person who is addicted to spiders, and a fish stick. The final boss is that guy who gave you the crown. If you decline giving the crown back then you are in for a bad tom. 

Cult of the Lamb consists of waves and levels. Wave is what happens in each room. You can either get attacked by enemies, get something to give youself more health, get better weapons, find near-death Ohio residents, or have a boss fight. Level is based on if you make it to the end of the entire level. You then can go to the next room of your choice. Basically meaning anything can happen after a level.

At your cult, you have to feed your cult or else they will die of starvation. If you have too much stuff lying around, germs will spread. You will need a urinal to not spread germs after eating. If your faith goes down, then you need to perform a sermon or ritual to bring it back up or else people will raid your inventory and steal things from you.

I can’t really say what else it’s about or else that would be way too many spoilers. So go spend some money and get this game that got like 3 awards or something.

So is this game good? It’s a very good A+ game. Go try it out!


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