Nintendo Direct 2023: Metroid Prime, Fantasy Life, Pikmin 4, Game Boy Games

Nintendo Direct 2023

Nintendo Direct happened this week on February 8, 2023. It was a big day for Ninteno as they surprised video game fans with a number of announcements. Big news included a trailer for the new Zelda game, release dates for Advance Wars and Pikmin 4, a Metroid Prime re-release, and Nintendo Game Boy games added to the Switch Online subscription.


artwork from The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, was the star of the recent Nintendo Direct event, giving fans a glimpse of the highly-anticipated sequel to 2017’s The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

The standard edition of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, a Switch exclusive, will retail for $69.99. Meanwhile, the collector’s edition, priced at $129.99, features a physical copy of the game, an artbook, a Steelbook case, an Iconart steel poster, and a set of four pin badges. A new Link amiibo offers players access to exclusive materials and weapons, as well as a special fabric for Link’s paraglider. The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is scheduled to be released on May 12, 2023. Pre-order your copy today!


Artwork for Pinkmin 4 for Nintendo Switch

Pikmin 4

Pikmin 4 was another highlight of February’s Nintendo Direct this year. Fans reunited with trusty Pikmin helpers and were introduced to a new canine-inspired ally, Oatchi. This plucky new companion promises to provide aid in battles, clear obstructions, and even transport both the player and Pikmin across bodies of water. Pikmin 4 will also feature a new Ice Pikmin capable of freezing foes, lakes, and other obstacles. Pikmin 4 will arrive on the Nintendo Switch on July 21, 2023.


artwork from Metroid Prime Remastered

Metroid Prime Remastered

After years of waiting and wondering, fans were treated to a surprise announcement at Nintendo Direct in the form of Metroid Prime Remastered. The game is now available in the Nintendo eShop and has released in physical form on February 22. The game features new dual stick controls (which I can’t wait to try) as well as a faithful recreation of the original’s controls if you prefer.


Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp

After a couple years of announcements and vague release dates, Advance Wars for Nintendo Switch has a release date. The game will release on April 21, 2023 with a slightly cumbersome title – Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp. Amazon and Gamestop are currently showing physical copies of the game while Nintendo has a digital version on their website with a release date of 4/21/23. This is my personal favorite Nintendo title so I’m very excited for this release. Hoping they land the release date this time around!

Don’t forget to pre-order your copy today!


artwork for fantasy life i

Fantasy Life I: The Girl who Steals Time

We absolutely adored Fantasy Life on the Nintendo 3DS and have been eagerly anticipating another version of this game for Nintendo Switch. We are excited to learn of Fantasy Life I: The Girl Who Steals Time. In this title players will embark on a journey through time as they construct and mold their island to their desired specifications. The game promises to offer a dynamic role-playing experience which allows players to switch between careers ranging from woodcutter to paladin, as they use their skills to accomplish tasks and advance through the game. The original Fantasy Life was a captivating fusion of life simulation and RPG. In our house it became a time-consuming favorite. Although a release date has yet to be confirmed, Fantasy Life I: The Girl Who Steals Time is set to launch exclusively on the Nintendo Switch sometime this year.


Splatoon 3 Expansion Pass

Nintendo’s zany, ink-slinging multiplayer shooter, Splatoon 3 gets an expansion pass this year. It will roll out in two stages. The first will bring back the original Inkopolis from the first Splatoon game. The second wave will unveil a standalone single-player campaign called “Side Order.” According to my son, who is a huge Splatoon fans, this will be “epic” and everybody should get their Splatoon 3 Expansion Pass today.


Game Boy on Switch

We are very excited to revisit some childhood favorites this week from the Game Boy era of Nintendo games. If you own a Nintendo online pass you can now play the first nine games in this list for free as part of the Game Boy software download. Nintendo says they will be adding more titles as time goes on.

  • Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare

  • Game & Watch™ Gallery 3


  • Kirby’s Dream Land™

  • Metroid™ II – Return of Samus™

  • Super Mario Land™ 2 – 6 Golden Coins™

  • Tetris

  • The Legend of Zelda™: Link’s Awakening DX™

  • Wario Land™ 3

  • Kirby’s Tilt ‘N Tumble™—Coming soon!

  • Pokémon™ Trading Card Game™—Coming soon!

  • The Legend of Zelda™: Oracle of Ages™—Coming soon!

  • The Legend of Zelda™: Oracle of Seasons™—Coming soon!

GBA on Switch

The following Nintendo Game Boy Advance titles will be available on Switch Expansion Pass. The first six tiles in the list are available to play now (assuming you have the Nintendo online pass and expansion pass).

  • Kuru Kuru Kururin™

  • Mario & Luigi™: Superstar Saga

  • Mario Kart™: Super Circuit™

  • Super Mario™ Advance 4: Super Mario Bros.™ 3

  • The Legend of Zelda™: The Minish Cap

  • WarioWare™, Inc.: Mega Microgame$

  • Kirby™ & The Amazing Mirror—Coming soon!

  • Metroid™ Fusion—Coming soon!

  • Fire Emblem™—Coming soon!

  • F-Zero™ Maximum Velocity—Coming soon!

  • Golden Sun™—Coming soon!


Super Mario World Grand Opening 2023 Universal Studios Hollywood

Super Mario World Universal Studios

Super Mario World at Universal Studios Hollywood opens on February 17, 2023. From Universal Studios: SUPER NINTENDO WORLD™ takes you into the world of Super Mario™. Battle Team Bowser on Mario Kart™: Bowser’s Challenge, dine at Toadstool Cafe, and level up with Nintendo themed merch from the 1-UP Factory™ store.


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